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Book of Dr.Acula

Welcome to the blood-curdling lair of Dr.Acula and his horrifying friends! The doctor's infamous diary holds many a secret - but peek at your peril. The stakes have never been higher - but you're in for a fang-tastic time with Goosicorn's first-ever slot.

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Daily Roulette Drop

Points make prizes with Goosicorn's first daily free game. With every daily spin, your chances of winning increase - leading to even more points. Special boosted numbers give players yet another reason to return to the Daily Roulette Drop.

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Las Vegas Joy

Viva las Vegas! All the City of Light thrills, right in the palm of your hands. We got fruits, the legendary 7s - and even lucky golden horseshoes. Are you ready for some good old-fashioned fun? Take a spin baby.


Quetzal Tower

The greatest Mayan treasures lie at the very top of the Quetzal Tower. Brave the legendary serpent and scale each level for greater riches. But beware; one false move and the climb starts again...